top 100 jodoh

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One place that can be found in cheaper areas Jodoh, near Nagoya. Compared with the large Mall, Top 100 Jodoh more secondary targets sekmen determine the price down to the cheaper and affordable. This place was quiet when the big rush into the mall, such as Batam DC Mall, Mega Mall and Nagoya Hill. Later visitors sekmen established, this area is alive again.

I now often shopping in the Top 100 Jodoh because the distance from the closest place to stay and I do not need a headache searching for parking in the Mall, such as Nagoya Hill. Type of goods sold is the same, even more affordable price. If the purpose is only shopping, not roads, so Top 100 selection is appropriate.

The Top 100 there is a market Jodoh Up the living dead do not want to shrink. Behind Plaza AVAVA there are quite crowded and the Ramayana Dept. Store. Happy shopping.

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