lucky plaza

Sabtu, 04 April 2009 Leave a Comment

If you have the center in Jakarta Handphone Roxxi Mas, Batam is Lucky Plaza. Located in Nogoya, this plaza filled with merchants Hp BM (Black Market), Used, New, plus exchange, voucher, asesories all here. Ruko Plaza around the very day start selling strengthen HP's position as the center of this area of trade HP Batam.

In addition there is still Hp Gold traders and some electronic and clothing stores. The floor is still there 2 Sun Dept. Store. The atmosphere is quite crowded, especially buyers from outside HP.

     * Parking: Self-wide at the back of Lt.2
     * Specialization: Handphone, Gold
     * Hygiene: 7.5
     * Tenant: 70% filled
     * Ambiance: 7.5
     * Total Rating: 7

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