Batam have been developed since the early 1970s as a logistics and operational base for oil industry and gas by Pertamina. Then based on the President Degree No.. 41 of 1973, development of Batam to trust the government called the Industrial Development Authority Batam Island or better known as the Batam Authority.

dragon fruit tree

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Ever see the dragon fruit tree? A family tree with thorny cactus as shown in the picture above, the stem spread over the stump ago dangle down. Fruit will grow around the stem. This is the fruit content of two types, red and white. According to the owners of the garden, the red is preferred, and more rich nutrition. It's sweet, slightly sour, the texture of meat, such as papaya.

In Batam, there are several dragon fruit gardens, all located in the Barelang. The most close to Batam is owned by Malaysian citizens, 1 KM after the bridge to IV, the left side of the road. Sometimes, you are permitted to own quotes. Wow .. cool! Before leaving, I will usually buy the 4-5Kg to eat at home. Price per kilos Rp. 12.000 for the size and Rp. 15.000 greater. Read the full story »

Bungy Jumping at batam

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There are more attractions that can be cheaper in the make. Bungy Jumping! This exercise of the people desperate and mad but many visitor. Location is very good and there, Bridges I, II Barelang! Looks strange, but almost  attractions, providing sports Maco this. Pemko only this time the only bridge that allows frequent visitors plateau afternoon this can be used to free dive. The risk borne by participants themselves.

Maybe that needs to be done by the addition of Pemko free from the bridge, also require providers to provide services that shift stanby if the rope used to drop out. Sehebat terrible squirrel-jump, the fall also. Only to guard. Certainly exciting spectacle of a free and a lot of visitors. Read the full story »

top 100 jodoh

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One place that can be found in cheaper areas Jodoh, near Nagoya. Compared with the large Mall, Top 100 Jodoh more secondary targets sekmen determine the price down to the cheaper and affordable. This place was quiet when the big rush into the mall, such as Batam DC Mall, Mega Mall and Nagoya Hill. Later visitors sekmen established, this area is alive again.

I now often shopping in the Top 100 Jodoh because the distance from the closest place to stay and I do not need a headache searching for parking in the Mall, such as Nagoya Hill. Type of goods sold is the same, even more affordable price. If the purpose is only shopping, not roads, so Top 100 selection is appropriate.

The Top 100 there is a market Jodoh Up the living dead do not want to shrink. Behind Plaza AVAVA there are quite crowded and the Ramayana Dept. Store. Happy shopping. Read the full story »

lucky plaza

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If you have the center in Jakarta Handphone Roxxi Mas, Batam is Lucky Plaza. Located in Nogoya, this plaza filled with merchants Hp BM (Black Market), Used, New, plus exchange, voucher, asesories all here. Ruko Plaza around the very day start selling strengthen HP's position as the center of this area of trade HP Batam.

In addition there is still Hp Gold traders and some electronic and clothing stores. The floor is still there 2 Sun Dept. Store. The atmosphere is quite crowded, especially buyers from outside HP.

     * Parking: Self-wide at the back of Lt.2
     * Specialization: Handphone, Gold
     * Hygiene: 7.5
     * Tenant: 70% filled
     * Ambiance: 7.5
     * Total Rating: 7 Read the full story »

nagoya hill

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Nagoya Hill is the most crowded mall in batam new inaugurated in 2006, located in the city center Nogoya. This facilitated bioskop21 Mall, Foodcourt citiwalk a great style with a variety of restaurants such as KFC, Seafood, Chicken Penyet, Fisherman, Ayam Goreng Fatmawati, Mok Toast, my Noodle, A & W, Solaria, Godiva coffee and more.

     * Parking: large. Waspada week at night is always full
     * Specialization: Shopping, Food.
     * Hygiene: 8.5
     * Tenant: 95% filled
     * Ambiance: 9.0
     * Total Rating: 9.0 Read the full story »

Bcs mall

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Batam city smallest growth Mall building did not stop. Open one, close one, that occurred during the last 10 years. Recorded some of the mall because there is no agony like a visitor, in the Ramayana Jodoh, Batam Center Mall, Barata, Carnaval Mall, BIP. That there are new Mega Mall, Nagoya Hill, and shopping malls in the BCS penuin. That there is a settlement in Citra Mall area in the international port of Bay Harbor.

Each mall has the character and the visitors who tersekmentasi. For example, the BCS Mall, the vast majority of visitors are ethnic tionghua and must fight to the mall Top 100 is 400m. Top 100 the segment pengunjing this presence before the BCS in 2007.

BCS can survive without the anchor tenant that could bring the visitor traffic as McD, 21 Hypermart or cinema. And that there is always crowded and Gramedia Jodoh Center, a local super market which is quite popular and how many places such as Godiva , cool juz cafe and other Read the full story »

melayu beach

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Another beach that is located in the beautiful Batu Besar, pantai melayu name. This beach is located exactly the location of the wither. Menyempatkan weeks ago I visited the children themselves who are camping in this area along with his junior high school friend. Beach can be rented for camping with the same charge with the regular entrance, Rp. 7000 per person plus the cost of electricity, security and other. Quite cheap and fair. Clean sand, coconut trees high, clear sea water to create atmosphere feels fresh. Beach is not in, if we can run retroactive to 1 km towards the sea. Like other beaches, beach crowded Malay only visited during holidays.

If you leave from Nagoya or batam center, just direct the air towards the airport, continue towards Nongsa. After the traffic light turn up fork, turn right, continue approximately 2 km, turn tell. Ask it to people there, where the direction Malay Beach, must meet. Live 3-4km into the direction of the beach. Read the full story »