dragon fruit tree

Sabtu, 04 April 2009 Leave a Comment

Ever see the dragon fruit tree? A family tree with thorny cactus as shown in the picture above, the stem spread over the stump ago dangle down. Fruit will grow around the stem. This is the fruit content of two types, red and white. According to the owners of the garden, the red is preferred, and more rich nutrition. It's sweet, slightly sour, the texture of meat, such as papaya.

In Batam, there are several dragon fruit gardens, all located in the Barelang. The most close to Batam is owned by Malaysian citizens, 1 KM after the bridge to IV, the left side of the road. Sometimes, you are permitted to own quotes. Wow .. cool! Before leaving, I will usually buy the 4-5Kg to eat at home. Price per kilos Rp. 12.000 for the size and Rp. 15.000 greater.

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