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Another beach that is located in the beautiful Batu Besar, pantai melayu name. This beach is located exactly the location of the wither. Menyempatkan weeks ago I visited the children themselves who are camping in this area along with his junior high school friend. Beach can be rented for camping with the same charge with the regular entrance, Rp. 7000 per person plus the cost of electricity, security and other. Quite cheap and fair. Clean sand, coconut trees high, clear sea water to create atmosphere feels fresh. Beach is not in, if we can run retroactive to 1 km towards the sea. Like other beaches, beach crowded Malay only visited during holidays.

If you leave from Nagoya or batam center, just direct the air towards the airport, continue towards Nongsa. After the traffic light turn up fork, turn right, continue approximately 2 km, turn tell. Ask it to people there, where the direction Malay Beach, must meet. Live 3-4km into the direction of the beach.

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