Bcs mall

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Batam city smallest growth Mall building did not stop. Open one, close one, that occurred during the last 10 years. Recorded some of the mall because there is no agony like a visitor, in the Ramayana Jodoh, Batam Center Mall, Barata, Carnaval Mall, BIP. That there are new Mega Mall, Nagoya Hill, and shopping malls in the BCS penuin. That there is a settlement in Citra Mall area in the international port of Bay Harbor.

Each mall has the character and the visitors who tersekmentasi. For example, the BCS Mall, the vast majority of visitors are ethnic tionghua and must fight to the mall Top 100 is 400m. Top 100 the segment pengunjing this presence before the BCS in 2007.

BCS can survive without the anchor tenant that could bring the visitor traffic as McD, 21 Hypermart or cinema. And that there is always crowded and Gramedia Jodoh Center, a local super market which is quite popular and how many places such as Godiva , cool juz cafe and other

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